Client Testimonials

(from currently hosted clients, verified 11/2011)

Thank you very much for your quick and comprehensive assistance. SITEWORKS is a terrific web host and I am continually pleased the the excellent service. Thanks again.

Best regards,
Matt R (client since 1998)
(site name withheld for privacy)

Thank you for the follow-up. I appreciate the prompt and attentive responses from SiteWorks. Wish more things in life worked as efficiently!

Donna T. Wells (client since 2002)

It works! You fixed it. (Frontpage extensions repaired)

Thank you so much for your prompt assistance. You confirm why I’ve stayed with SiteWorks….I’ve been a client since 1998.

Steve Martin (client since 1998)

We wanted to thank you and all at SiteWorks for your persistent work to allow us to be compliant with the new standards issued by Visa and MasterCard. We are a small company and some of the compliancy requirements seemed overwhelming to us. Your help in addressing and solving this new issue was invaluable to us and something we could not have dealt with on our own.

We are now proud to display the SecurityMetrics Seal of Conformance on our website.

Again thank you for your help over these several weeks. We appreciate your hard work over so long a period of time until the issue was completed.

Thanks again,

Rick Vail (client since 1999)
President, M.J. Vail Company, Inc.

I have been delighted with your patience and help. Thanks for the personal way you deal with your clients.

Best Regards,

Dot O’Neill (Client since 1999)
Katandra Gardens, recognised internationally as one of three ‘must see’ Australian gardens.

Since I’ve been a customer (1998), I can measure my downtime in minutes; I can measure the time I’ve waited for customer service in seconds!

Bill Cola (client since 2001)
Cardservice High Sierra

In spite of the (TV) news this morning predicting 1 out of 9 emails will be viral, none showed up in my inbox. Whatever you did yesterday is working great. So, for now, in the middle of the MyDoom/Novarg storm all seems to be fine with my email that you host.
Thanks for your continuing excellent service and responsiveness.

Joe Mariner (client since 1997)
Pipes by Mariner

When asked “Can we use some of your email on our testimonial page?” he responded further with this message:

Please do. SITEWORKS has hosted my web site since 1997 and I’ve been in the IS business (state government) since we were putting DOS machines on desktops. I’ve personally bought hardware, software and support from dozens of vendors. I think SITEWORKS’ technical support and responsivesness is not just the best in the web-hosting arena, but is among the best in the entire PC/Server/Networking/Technology industry!

Noticed I was not recieving as much spam. Saw where ya’ll installed a spam filter. THANKS!!!!!!!! Now my McAfee SpamKiller doesn’t have anything to do.

Thanks again for all of the excellent services ya’ll provide. If anyone ever wants a reference, I will be more than happy to provide one.

Robert (client since 1997)

Thank you so much for your assistance. This is why I am a client of Siteworks, and why I have my clients place the sites that we create for them on your servers.

Valerie (client since 2001)

I started my internet business in 1997 and I chose SITEWORKS just by chance. We have both grown together and I have been very impressed with their customer service and resolution to technical matters. The servers are very reliable and very fast.

Keith Lawrence (client since 1997)

Because of their affordable prices, I was concerned about reliability and quality of service. SiteWorks was willing to give me upfront customer referrals in order to win my business. Their customers said that both service and reliability were great, so I tried SiteWorks and I’m happy I did. Service really is their strength!

Helen Oliff, TURNING POINT (client since 2002)
Career & Leadership Services

SITEWORKS continues to prove to me that there are tech support teams that excel not only at finding solutions for my needs, but also doing it within a short amount of time. They set the standard for quick, effective responses to any problems or questions that I have.

Billy O’Neal (client since 2000)
WEO3 Design

Thanks so much for getting to the bottom of this one (an email problem) quickly. Of all the technology companies that I have worked with over the years, SITEWORKS continues to impress me with good, timely customer service and good value for my money. Thank you!

Theresa (client since 1999)
Project Partners

My web site with SITEWORKS is just a hobby. However, I work various roles in the IT dept. of the Natural Gas and Power Trading business unit of a very large firm. So, I think I appreciate both perspectives in the IT world – the customer’s and the IT employee’s.

I especially appreciate the service from your tech support group. Their turnaround time is unbelievable. I don’t think it has ever taken them more than a half hour to respond to an email. Often, it’s only around ten minutes. In nearly every case, they have an immediate answer/solution to the request or question. In the few cases that they don’t, they re-contact me in less than a day. I hope you continue to keep these people happy, and keep them employed at SITEWORKS!

Server performance and account features are the other two aspects of SITEWORKS that impress me. Site performance has been great, and I don’t think I’ve suffered so much as a minute of downtime. Features-wise, I don’t think I’ve seen a better package in this price range. With the alotted space and bandwidth, along with Perl, PHP, FrontPage extensions, etc. etc., I have everything I need for my site, and then some.

I shopped quite a bit before I settled on SITEWORKS. My website includes a fairly active forum that uses InfoPop’s UBB software. SITEWORKS was recommended to me by a member of that forum. The UBB software itself was another reason I chose SITEWORKS. SITEWORKS was one of only two web hosts I spoke with that both 1) had experience with customers who use UBB on their sites, and 2) didn’t have a big problem with new customers who wanted to use UBB (as long as the customer were to stay within the designated bandwidth limits of a given account).

Thank you for the excellent service that SITEWORKS provides.
I’ve never experienced better.

Timothy J. Ande (client since 2001)

Thank you so much. This hosting is a pleasure to work with!

Barbara With (client since 2001)

I have worked with several web hosting companies, but SITEWORKS is truly a cut above. I have been extremely pleased with the support and service from their team. Their responsiveness to questions or problems has been outstanding. I usually get a personal response within the hour no matter what time of the day or night I send my question. Their system reliability has been excellent. SITEWORKS has also shown an unusual amount of flexibility and willingness to work with me to accommodate specific client needs – which makes me look good with my clients. If you are looking for a reliable, service oriented web hosting company, you’ve found it in SITEWORKS.

Paul Davis (client since 1998)
Freeform Design for ARTisNECESSARY

Western Graphics Workshop highly recommends SITEWORKS to any business or anyone wanting to have a website. We have used SITEWORKS since 1997 and have been extremely happy with all of their services. I have nothing but praise for your services. I have sent several people your way and will continue to do so.

Nancy Steen (client since 1997)
Western Graphics Workshop

One of the hardest things for a netpreneur is to find a hosting service for their business that is reliable and sensitive to their needs. After many frustrating experiences with other web hosting services, I was fortunate enough to discover in 1998. They offer me everything I need in a web hosting service — reliablity, great customer and technical support and personalized service at a good price.

Now I can spend my time building my business instead of worrying about my hosting service.

I highly recommend to all my clients and business associates knowing that they will receive the same excellent service I have enjoyed and that they can put their trust in them.

Linda Locke (client since 1998)
Regent Press

Thank you very much. I appreciate your assistance. I wanted to mention too that we have been impressed with the improvements SITEWORKS has been making as time goes on, and will continue to recommend your hosting services to our clients. Thanks again.

Elisabeth Menning (client since 1998)
Aikido Connection