cPanel Control Panel + Script Installers

»»» We offer cPanel Hosting! The #1 web hosting control panel being used today.

Interested in cPanel Web Hosting? Click here to see a demo account that uses the cPanel control panel — but does not show the Fantastico add-on. ALL of our cPanel accounts do include the Fantastico deLuxe easy-to-use program installer.

We now also have Softaculous Auto_Installer on some CP servers. It offers 150 scripts to install with one-click ease! See the Softaculous site for full details.

Screenshot cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is a web hosting control panel system that is extremely feature rich that uses an easy to use web based interface (GUI).

It includes the WHM control panel for resellers as well. It allows resellers to create and administer individual accounts & perform system and control panel maintenance via a web interface. The latest version comes with video step-by-step HELP tutorials on many functions. Try one out in the demo…click on HELP. Resellers can replace the cPanel logo with their own, and completely customize the appearance of the software using Branding Editor and industry-standard CSS. Resellers can also integrate their own payment system with the software, to provide a fully branded and customized experience.

SIX Reasons to Choose cPanel:

  1. Easy to perform advanced operations with graphic interface.
  2. Over 40 Popular Scripts that install with a click.
  3. Multi Language Support (French, Spanish & German)
  4. Customizable look with changeable skins (we offer 5 at this time).
  5. Clear control & navigation with user-friendly interface.
  6. Quick version upgrades with only a click.

The following scripts are FREE, Open Source programs that can be autoinstalled using Fantastico De Luxe or Softaculous. Installation procedure takes seconds and can be performed easily without the need of manually setting up MySQL databases, importing structure, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations:

In order of popularity;

Wordpress Blog Tool & Publishing Platform WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. WP likes to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.
 A CMS that let's you easily create & build a variety of websites & web-enabled applications. Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications.
 PHP BB is forum - bulletin board software phpBB is the most widely used opensource bulletin board / forum system in the world.
 "Simple Machines Forum" create an online community within minutes. SMF allows you to set up your own online message board / forum community within minutes using template engine.
 Create e-commerce shopping site Very popular program to create a powerful e-commerce shopping site.
 Shopping cart solution OpenCart is billed as an easy to use shopping cart system.
 Content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. Use Drupal to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Thousands of add-on modules and designs let you build any site you can imagine.
 Program for building social networks, dating sites and niche communities. Dolphin is a full-featured package for building social networks, dating sites and niche communities.
 Forum software & discussion system MyBB is a forum package full of useful and to-the-point features for both you and your visitors, to make running your bulletin board as easy as possible.
 Web based photo album organizer. Gallery is a web based photo album organizer. If desired, you can allow users to register and share photos.

Other scripts include, but are not limited to:

4images: web-based image gallery management system.

AgoraCart: online shopping solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows online stores to be setup in simple fashion for the beginner, yet it offers high power ecommerce, flexibility, and modular features for advanced users.

b2evolution: blog engine

Coppermine: multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery.

Crafty Syntax Live Help: open source live support solution that helps customer support with live help functionality.

CubeCart: an eCommerce script written with PHP & MySQL that allows you to setup a powerful online store. Many modules and customizations are possible.

dotProject: an Open Source Project Management tool.

Geeklog is a ‘blog’, otherwise known as a Weblog. It allows you to create your own virtual community area, complete with user administration, story posting, messaging, comments, polls, calendar, weblinks, and more!

Help Center Live: Unlimited Operators, Unlimited Departments, Unlimited Users, Real-Time Chat Sessions, Real-Time Visitor Monitor Unlimited Chat Sessions, Initiate Chat Sessions

Horde: a webmail system that offers most of the features users have come to expect from their conventional mail programs, including attachments, spell-check, address books, multiple folders, and multiple-language support.

Mambo is a popular full-featured content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications.

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) – designed to help educators create effective online learning communities. It can scale from a single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

Noah’s Classifieds is a powerful classifieds advertising program system.

Nuceleus: Create and maintain one or more weblogs /news-sites. With Nucleus, you can set up one or more weblogs. If you want to, you can even show the contents of multiple weblogs on the same page. Multi-author allowed.

Open-Realty is free web based listing management application. It is intended to be both easy to setup and use. Written in PHP, open-realty is designed to be a fast and flexible tool for your website.

OS Commerce features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, license fees, or limitations involved.

osTicket is a feature packed support ticket tools; simple, lightweight and easy to setup and use. osTicket seamlessly integrates all tickets created via email and web-based forms with a simple web interface. Easily manage, organize and archive all your support requests. Your clients will also be able to view tickets status and history online.

phpCOIN is a free software package originally designed for web-hosting resellers to handle clients, orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk, but no longer limited to hosting resellers.

PHPlist is a double opt-in newsletter manager. PHPlist is designed to assist you to stay in touch with your audience. It is an essential tool for anyone who is serious about creating, capturing and maintaining an offline audience, and will help you increase traffic to your website.

PHP-Nuke is a news automated system specially designed to be used in Intranets and Internet. The Administrator has total control of the web site, registered users, and will have in hand a powerful assembly of tools to maintain an active and 100% interactive web site using databases.

PHProjekt is an open source groupware suite. It is a modular application for the coordination of group activities and to share information and documents via intranet and/or internet.

PHP Support Tickets: Manage customer queries with this one stop solution for online customer relations.

PHP Surveyor is a set of PHP scripts that interact with MySQL to develop surveys, publish surveys and collect responses to surveys.

phpWCMS is an easy to learn web content management system.

phpWebSite provides a complete web site content management system. Web-based administration allows for easy maintenance of interactive, community-driven web sites.

PhpWiki: WikiWeb is a web site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form. Linking is done automatically on the server side; all pages are stored in a database.

PostNuke considers itself one of the most powerful open source content management systems in the world.

Siteframe is a lightweight web-based content-management system designed for the rapid deployment of community-based websites. With Siteframe, a group of users can share stories and photographs, send email, and participate in group activities.

SquirrelMail lets you access your email from anywhere there is an internet connection.
Designed for maximum compatibility across browsers. SquirrelMail has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.

The Support Logic Helpdesk provides an organized support platform for you and your clients. Support requests can be sent by email and directly through the helpdesk via “tickets”, which then can be processed by the staff members.

Tiki CMS/Groupware has all the classic CMS/portal features but is highly configurable & modular, all the features are optional and administered via a web-based interface.

Typo3: A free, feature rich, Content Management Framework (CMS) built with PHP. (website)

WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors.

XOOPS is an easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP. It’s the ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs, etc.

Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; a powerful, user-friendly, open source shopping cart system.


Site Builders:
Templates Express (website)
Use Templates Express to install static templates to your website. You will need to use FTP and edit the html files, replacing the default text with your own text. Standard information like title, name, address and similar will be collected during installation and placed into the installed template in the appropriate locations.

phpAdsNew (website) phpAdsNew is an open-source ad server, with an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. With phpAdsNew you can easily rotate paid banners and your own in-house advertisements. You can even integrate banners from third party advertising companies.

PHPauction (website) Phpauction provides the most complete suite of applications and services for building auction web sites. More than 7 years developing auction software give us the expertise in the market.

Additionally, the following CGI Scripts can be instantly installed from your control panel and ready to use on your account:

Simple CGI Wrapper
This is a CGI Wrapper that will allow you to run CGI Scripts with your User ID.

Random HTML
This is a Random HTML generator. It picks a string of HTML code from a list and inserts it in an SSI (Server Side Includes) enabled web page.

Simple Guestbook
This is a just a simple guestbook for your visitors to view and sign.

You can create a counter to count and show how many visitors have been to your site.

This utility will create a real time java clock for your site.

You can create a countdown box to countdown to a specified date.

CGI Email takes the input of an HTML form and converts it to an email format defined by the author of the form.

FormMail Clone
FormMail-clone is a clone of Matt Wright’s FormMail.

Entropy Search
Setup Search Engine, Rebuild Search Index

Entropy Banner
This feature allows you to create rotating banner ads for your site.